Dance programs at Credo Dance Academy are structured by age and skill in order to provide a comprehensive, personal training experience which encompasses both technique and expression. The combination of a structured dance syllabus and opportunities to perform enhance the learning process for student dancers and help prepare them for the professional level.  Students age 7 and up are required to take a placement class in which our staff will determine the best level for each student.

  • Classical Ballet

  • Modern

  • Tap

  • Jazz

  • Acrobatics

  • Tumbling

  • Drama

  • Creative Worship

  • Progressing Ballet Technique


We are a pre-professional dance school.  Ballet is required for all students and we strongly encourage dancers to train in the other types of dance Credo Dance Academy has to offer.

  • Classical Ballet – Credo Dance Academy’s designed method follows a structured sequence of training stages intended to increase students’ technical skills, stamina and discipline in accordance with their age and physical development. Emphasis is focused on correct placement in order to prevent injury. Our curriculum embraces traditional ballet principles and incorporates elements of the French, Italian and Russian training systems. These methods help to provide a healthy and enjoyable learning environment and allow the students to experience a sense of accomplishment and mastery in each level. It is a style that readily adapts to meet the demands of any choreographer, company, or style of movement. At Credo Dance Academy, we strive to make our students versatile and company ready when they graduate.
  • Tap – This class will focus on the development of tap technique & terminology. Students will develop skills including musicality and sound clarity with an added focus on increasing speed, and developing style.
  • Jazz – This class will give students a thorough grounding in jazz terminology and technique while giving them an opportunity to grow as performers. The warm-up and progressions will use classic jazz technique to develop students’ musicality, athleticism, alignment and performance. We will use this technical base to explore a variety of jazz styles, including classical, musical theater, jazz funk and lyrical/contemporary. This class will include floor work and body conditioning as well.
  • Acrobatics/Tumbling– Acrobatics/Tumbling is the evolution of different forms of gymnastics. Skills learned include fundamental acrobatic and tumbling skills that are usually performed on gym mats, contortion, balances and pyramids, as well as partner skills. Low-level beam and mini trampoline work is also introduced. Acrobatics/Tumbling is great for improving a dancer’s and cheerleader’s strength, flexibility, endurance and agility.
  • Modern – In this class students will begin to explore and understand their own bodies, as well as, forms of movement that are different from what they learn in their Ballet Class, while at the same time gaining an understanding for the way in which these two dance techniques complement each other. Students will also have the chance to explore techniques of Improvisation and Movement Composition. It will introduce some of the most known styles and techniques within the field of Modern Dance such as the Graham and Limón techniques. Students will develop their understanding of movement and body control that is required in these techniques. The class will focus on the clarity and precision of the execution of the technique, while at the same time adding the development of quality of movement that characterizes the different styles.
  • Creative Worship – Creative Worship is a class designed for dancers to release their creativity through learning improvisation techniques. Dancers will grow in their relationship with the Lord through the study of Scripture and communication of Scripture through dance. There will also be an emphasis on prayer as we explore the expression of our prayers through movement.
  • Drama -In this class, students will be introduced to the basic concepts of theatre arts.  Students will use various creative drama techniques to build confidence and trust, stimulate imagination, movement, and role play.  Through theatre games and activities, students will learn to lose inhibitions and will gain trust in themselves, as well as others in their groups.  Students will learn and use drama and theatre vocabulary in class discussions and the activities will specifically address the promotion and reinforcement of students’ literacy skills and relevance.
  • Progressing Ballet Technique – Founded and developed by Marie Walton-Mahon in Australia, the Progressing Ballet Technique is an innovative program designed for students to understand the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best in classical ballet. Students use a stability ball, core ball, and therabands to achieve muscle awareness and engagement which in turn builds better dancers with fewer injuries.

The following forms must be completed and submitted to complete registration. Take note that every form can be filled up online. Please send them to info@credodance.com once completed.

Students age 7 and up are required to take a placement class to determine the most appropriate level for the student. Please contact Credo Dance Academy at (417) 496-9527 to discuss appropriate placement of your student and scheduling.

Please, practice this procedure for class.

Students age 7 and up are required to take a placement class to determine the most appropriate level for the student.

        • Acro Tumbling Intensive

        • Frozen Camp (Currently Full)

        • Moana Hawaiian Princess Camp